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[Easement viewed from the street]

[Easement planting design]

[Easement planting diagram]

[Plants included in this easement design]

Type Common Name Botanical Name How Many Size & Condition Remarks Salt Tolerant Aesthetic Traits Ecological Traits
Shrubs Bayberry Myrica pennsylvanica 2 5 gal. As on plan; Keep prunned to 5' Yes Evergreen, with scented blue berries Birds
  Red Osier Dogwood Cornus sericea 2 3 gal. As on plan; Keep prunned to 5' Yes Bright green foliage with red twigs displayed in winter Birds, Mammals, Bees
Perennials Golden Alexanders Zizia aurea 15 1 gal. 1.5′ o.c. Somewhat Salt Tolerant Yellow umble flowers and cutleaf foliage provide interesting texture Bees, Butterflies
  Purple Coneflower Echinacea purpurea 17 1 gal. 1.5′ o.c. Somewhat Salt Tolerant Long lasting flowers, seed heads provide winter interest Bees, Butterflies, Birds
Ornamental Grasses Switchgrass Panicum virgatum 10 1 gal. As on plan; Cut back in early spring Yes Tough grass with flowers that dance in the wind Birds, Mammals
        gal. = gallon container o.c. = on center spacing      

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