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[Easement viewed from the street]

[Easement viewed from the home]

[Easement planting design]

[Easement planting diagram]

[Plants included in this easement design]

Type Common Name Botanical Name How Many Size & Condition Remarks Salt Tolerant Aesthetic Traits Ecological Traits
Shrubs Mugo Pine Pinus mugo 2 12" BB As on plan Yes Low growing evergreen shrub  
  Red Twig Dogwood Cornus sericea 4 3 gal. As on plan Yes Bright green leaves in summer and bright red twigs show in winter Attracts birds and butterflies
Perennials Purple Coneflower Echinacea purpurea 4 1 gal. 2' o.c. Yes Long lasting pink-orange flowers throughout the summer Attracts butterflies & hummingbirds
  Threadleaf Coreopsis Coreopsis verticillata 8 1 gal. 2' o.c. Yes Fine textured plant with bright yellow summer flowers Attracts butterflies
Ornamental Grasses Prarie Dropseed Grass Sporobolus heterolepis 4 1 gal. 2' o.c. Yes Clump forming grass with graceful arching flowers and leaves Attracts birds
Groundcovers Bearberry Arctostaphylos uva-ursi 'Massachusetts' 7 1 gal. 2' o.c. Yes Evergreen groundcover with small pink flowers & bright red berries Attracts birds
        BB = balled & burlapped
gal. = gallon container
o.c. = on center spacing      

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