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Allegheny Spurge

Plant Facts
Common Name: Alleghany Pachysandra
Botanical Name: Pachysandra procumbrens
Nativity: southeastern North America
Hardiness Zone: 5A-9A
Type: semi-evergreen
Size: 6″-12″ tall x 6″-12″ wide

Aesthetic Traits
Plant Form: spreading
Foliage Color: dark green
Seasonal Features: forms dense mat of foliage in spring
Fall Color:
Winter Form: leaves may become mottled
Bloom Color: pink, white
Bloom Time: pink, white
Fruit Color:

Ecological Traits
Light: full shade to part sun
Soil Type: acidic to neutral; loamy, avoid clay
Soil Moisture: moist, avoid poorly drained soils
Urban Tolerances:
Wildlife Value:

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