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Gold Standard Hosta

Plant Facts
Common Name: Gold Standard Hosta
Botanical Name: Hosta ‘Gold Standard’
Nativity: hybrid
Hardiness Zone: 4A-9A
Type: deciduous perennial
Size: 12″-20″ tall x 4′-5′ wide

Aesthetic Traits
Plant Form: rounded
Foliage Color: variegated; yellow-green & medium green
Seasonal Features: showy foliage
Fall Color:
Winter Form:
Bloom Color: lavender
Bloom Time: July-August
Fruit Color:

Ecological Traits
Light: full shade to part sun
Soil Type: acidic; prefers loamy, tolerates sand & clay
Soil Moisture: moist
Urban Tolerances:
Wildlife Value:

Installation & Maintenance Notes
Propagate from root division. Plant or divide in fall, spring or summer.
Leaves dammaged by too much sun, too little water. Mulch.


School of Natural Resources and Environment | University of Michigan