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Moss Phlox

Plant Facts
Common Name: Moss Phlox
Botanical Name: Phlox subulata
Nativity: Eastern North America
Hardiness Zone: 3-9
Type: Flowering herbaceous perennial
Size: Height: 0.25-0.5′, spread: 1-2′

Aesthetic Traits
Plant Form: Rounded
Foliage Color: Medium – dark green
Seasonal Features:
Fall Color:
Winter Form: Semi-evergreen foliage
Bloom Color: Red, lavender, pink, white blue
Bloom Time: March- May
Fruit Color:

Ecological Traits
Light: Full sun
Soil Type: Loam, sand
Soil Moisture: Moist
Urban Tolerances: Somewhat drought tolerant, somewhat salt tolerant
Wildlife Value: Butterflies

Installation & Maintenance Notes
Prune after bloom


School of Natural Resources and Environment | University of Michigan