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White Oak Leaves

Plant Facts
Common Name: White Oak
Botanical Name: Quercus alba
Nativity: eastern North America
Hardiness Zone: 3B-9A
Type: deciduous tree
Size: 50′-80′ tall x x50′-80′ wide

Aesthetic Traits
Plant Form: pyramidal
Foliage Color: dark green
Seasonal Features: attractive fall colors
Fall Color: red to brown
Winter Form: interesting branching patterns, bark
Bloom Color: yellowish-green
Bloom Time: May
Fruit Color: brown

Ecological Traits
Light: part shade to full sun
Soil Type: prefers acidic loams, adapts to wide range of conditions
Soil Moisture: prefers moist, adapts to wide range of conditions
Urban Tolerances: drought-, salt-tolerant
Wildlife Value: attracts birds, mammals

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